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The Extrusion System

The Extruder
The concept of extrusion is revolutionized thanks to the possibility of obtaining many shapes and the versatility and simplicity of the system.
Unlike rack systems or similar, our Extruder allows you to "feel" and control the extrusion with excellent results requiring little force.
It doesn’t need any key, it can be completely mount and disassembled with a single pin: a new standard for easy clean, maintenance and speed of use, unique in the world.
The only one completely made of stainless steel,  it doesn’t get rusty and consequently does not alter precious earths.
Especially indicated and studied for porcelain.
The incredible STAND, unique in the world, light, foldable and easy to move and store allows you to work anywhere as if it were attached to the wall!


The Expansion
Our expansion, with dozens of dedicated shapes, allows you to obtain objects till 13 cm of diameter.

It has a simple and effective hooking system.

Stainless steel made, welded with special techniques, it is unalterable.


Extruder dedicated Expansion
The Disks
Our discs are designed and calibrated for an efficient use for the ceramist who wants to optimize its way of working in an important way.
The extruded shapes and volumes allow to obtain previously unattainable levels of precision (through the use of suitable and correctly soft clay!).
Forget the simple round or square shapes, here the concept of extrusion is ennobled by complex shapes, of geometric, organic or simply abstract inspiration.
Our “must have” and exclusive, the bonsai kit and rings kit.
In stainless steel, welded with special techniques, they are unalterable.


Extruder and Expansion Disks

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The Stand
Unique and revolutionary, it allows to work as it was fixed to the wall, but wherever you want!
Lightweight (less than 11 kg), foldable and easy to move and store, it is a real design object that takes up little space and it doesn’t need any key.
You can move your extruder and your creativity anywhere!

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